Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Talent Show

Collin & Gracie sat in the back and pigged out on junk food the whole time

Collin in front of his display

Collin's "pretend" cooking pictures

Tonight was our ward's primary talent show. All the kids were so cute! Collin's talent was cooking. I had it all planned out to make cookies and take pictures and put together an awesome display for him but I was so tired that I just took pictures of him pretending to cook and then bought cookies at the grocery store. I know, totally lame, but I think that we fooled everyone. Collin was SO excited and talked the whole way there, but then acted super shy once we got inside. I could barely get him to look up let alone smile for the pictures. He really did have a blast even though you wouldn't know it by looking at him.


Carly said...

Love it. That is so funny! Love the pretend cookie pictures, good thing he didn't spill the beans to everyone :) Mason would have blabbed the whole time about how he bought them at the store! There is one good thing for being shy!!

Shannon said...

How funny that you just commented on my blog because just last night I linked you from Carly's blog and was going to ask her if you were the Shannon I knew. You are :) I love it when people have a blog so I can check in on your life....good hearing from you again!
Your kids are adorable!