Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nice Weather

There is really no place I would rather be then Seattle when it's nice out! Today was one of those beautiful days, the kind that renews your energy and makes you want to get out and enjoy life and not waste a minute!

Mark and I took the kids to Country Village to get an ice cream cone and had the FUNNIEST experience! It was more of an ice cream stand and the guy working there was from India and didn't really speak english very well. When he gave one of the kids their cone I asked, "What do you say?" Immediately the guy working there answered "thank you". He thought that I was talking to him! I tried to explain but it was so awkward and emberassing for all of us. Mark and I laughed the whole night about it.

Quinn LOVED the rock wall. She has a very stubborn and strong willed personality and she seems to almost thrive when she is challenged. Even though that rock wall was very difficult for her to climb she did it over and over again the entire time. We always joke that she is an adrenaline junkie because she loves to go fast or high or upside down...whatever is the craziest.They got this really cool new pirate ship that has a cannon you can move around, ladders and flags and treasure etc. the kids loved it! Even though it was about 85 degrees today, Collin showed his true Seattle spirit and wore jeans and a long sleeved shirt!


Jessica said...

How fun! I am definitely LOVING the nice weather!

Heather said...

So cute! I love the pirate ship, I haven't been there since they put that in. We'll have to meet there sometime!

Myrna said...

Fun post, cute pictures!