Friday, July 8, 2011

What Quinn Has Been Up To...

Quinn is still our baby even though she is four! I can't believe how fast time goes by. She is still adventurous and isn't afraid of anything. She loves to try new things and to make people laugh. She sang a duet with Gracie at Collin's baptism and did so great! She loves Gracie and follows her around all day, even going over to Gracie's friend's house and playing with all the older girls. Everyone loves her. Some of her favorite things to do are playing video games with her big brother and getting make-overs from her sister.

Gracie and Quinn playing in the snow

She fell asleep pretending to read Gracie's book

Here she is with President Reagan at the Jelly Belly Factory

Passed out on Nana's couch in SacramentoPlaying in Sacramento over spring break

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Myrna said...

Your children are all adorable, Shannon. Nice to see a post from you! :o)