Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mid-Winter Break

I decided to take the kids to the aquarium during their mid-winter break.  It turned out to be pretty stressful. First of all, I hate driving downtown, especially in the rain. We made it down and finally found parking after driving around for like thirty minutes!

I also didn't realize that they were bringing in a giant octopus that day and that tons of people were there to see it, even a news crew. I couldn't believe how crowded it was. We waited in the rain in a line that wrapped around the building. It was cool when we finally got in... I guess. The aquarium just isn't really my thing. I think that fish are kind of creepy. 

 At least we had a cool view as we waited to get in.

There is a huge tank right when you walk in. It's super cool.

We watched this fish for way too long. It was so weird and creepy and we thought it looked like a zombie. It was missing an eye and swimming straight up and down.

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