Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cousins and Fun in the Sun!

We went to my parents house for dinner on Sunday. It's always so fun when we all can get together and laugh and eat and the kids can run around crazy! I love that these cousins love each other so much! We missed Rosa who was in Arizona helping take care of her dad who has been ill. Collin and Rocky and Tate
We got our baby fix...
Sundays are big days for Tate. He has to go to church and be a holy terror then onto Grandma and Grandpa's house where he has to reek all kinds of havoc. He finally just leaned over and fell asleep on Kyle.
Since Monday was Presidents day the kids didn't have school. With Rosa out of town and Mark working, Casey and I decided to take advantage of the record breaking sunshine that we have been having here in Seattle and surprise the kids with a little adventure. My kids have been begging me to take them to see the troll under the bridge. Since neither Casey or I have ever seen it we thought it would be fun to go and then have a picnic at the locks. We all squeezed into our van which was an adventure in of itself and headed down. Here's the troll in all his glory, reaching out from under the bridge. Boy, was it dirty under there!
He was covered in chalk drawings...
The kids climbed all over him. That is a big troll!
Cute kids up on top.
Monica! You can pick your nose and you can pick your friends but you can't pick your friend's nose!
Here they are eating their peanut butter sandwiches.
And here we are at the locks watching the boats move from the fresh water of Lake Washington into the Puget Sound.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Quinn's Baptism

This beautiful girl was baptized this month!
Isn't it such a blessing to have amazing, righteous grandparents? Quinn is so lucky to have these four awesome people in her life!
It makes my heart so full when I think about all the people who love my children and are there to help them grow and learn! Like her thoughtful primary teachers...
and her sweet Aunt who gave the talk on the Holy Ghost.
Love these two!
I'm so lucky to be this sweet, crazy little girl's mom!