Monday, January 30, 2012

Gracie in January 2012

Gracie took advantage of the almost week off of school to do some sewing. Gracie loves doing all sorts of crafts especially sewing. She has been wanting a bag to carry her scriptures and things to church and so we thought that this would be the perfect time to make one. She did almost all of it herself, including the topstitching!!
Gracie also lost a front tooth this month. She came to me one afternoon and asked if her tooth was ready to come out. It was pretty wiggly but not ready. I told her to keep wiggling it and it would probably be ready in a few days. She was determined though. She kept pushing it until it bled. I told her that it wasn't worth the pain, that it would come out when it was ready. A few hours later she came up and sure enough it was ready and came right out. When Gracie wants something she definitely makes it happen. My dad told her that if she can channel her determination there isn't anything that she won't be able to do.

This month Gracie is reading The Meanest Doll in the World. This is a sequel to The Doll People which she read and loved.

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Myrna said...

Wow, you go, Gracie! I am impressed at your sewing skills!