Monday, May 23, 2016

From Moscow to St. Petersburg

We woke up on our last morning in Moscow and packed up and got ready to go catch the train to St. Petersburg. We stopped by McDonalds for breakfast and it was packed. One thing we noticed in Russia is that McDonalds and Burger King were always slammed. They also put lettuce on their breakfast sandwiches.
It was definitely an adventure catching the train. We were hauling all of our luggage all around, up stairs and through security. Since we couldn't read any of the signs we were just guessing about where to go and where to stand and wait. Once we got on the train though we were totally impressed. They were roomy and comfortable. We were able to order hot lunch and relax. It was a high speed train and the whole trip took about four hours. As we sped by we were able to see some different parts of the country, most of it wooded.
As we headed to St. Petersburg I got home sick. I think it was because it was sort of like the end of one vacation and we were starting a new one. I missed my kids and I wanted to be home with Mark all together again. I had to remind myself that this was once in a lifetime and to adjust my attitude so I could enjoy the rest of our trip! 
Here are some pictures that we took as we were leaving Moscow. These are Soviet-era apartment buildings.
When we got into St. Petersburg we caught a taxi to our hotel The Pushka Inn. The first thing I noticed about St. Petersburg is that they drive absolutely crazy. I was glad that everything was within walking distance there and we didn't have to take any taxis! The second thing I noticed is that it had a more European feel. The streets are lined with old mansions built by the Russian nobility in the 1700's. 
Our hotel was the blue building below.
We unpacked and then went to dinner at a restaurant called the Yat. This was a cute, little restaurant that we actually ate at twice while we were there. It was only one building over from our hotel. I had a chicken salad and Mark had some fish. A lot of the restaurants there were in basements like in the picture of the Yat below.
After dinner we wandered around, checking things out. It definitely had an active night life. People were partying and hanging out everywhere. 

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