Sunday, May 15, 2016

Moscow Day 3

We took taxis everywhere in Moscow. Mark had an app kind of like Uber where he could call a taxi and one would show up in a few minutes. It was nice because the price was already set and he could pay directly from the app. and they were cheap. We had heard that you have to be careful negotiating with taxi drivers because they will rip you off, so we were glad not to have to worry about it.  Usually they were good drivers but we had a couple that drove crazy and I sometimes got carsick.

On the morning of day three we called a taxi and had him take us to a museum that had beautiful art but was by all Russian artists. 

After the museum we went back to Mark's apartment and packed up and moved to the hotel where we were staying for the next two nights. It was a nice hotel and we were about a mile from Red Square. Right outside our hotel was a very touristy, artsy street called Arbat. This was one of my favorite places in Moscow. It was probably half a mile long and was just a walkway, no cars. It was lined with shops and restaurants. It also had a lot of street artists and musicians. It was really fun to walk along this street and just people watch. It especially came alive at night. 

The people in the picture above were selling rabbits. There were also people that had hawks and pigeons that you could pay to hold and take pictures. 

One night we walked to a chocolate shop. It was supposed to have delicious chocolate but we thought that it was just okay. The cool thing about traveling is everything is new and different and interesting so it doesn't matter what you are doing, it's just fun.

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Nancy said...

I've been enjoying these posts so much! I love Russia and am glad you're having fun.