Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gracie hates going to sleep

Gracie is the hardest out of all of our kids to get to go to sleep. She usually doesn't come out of her room and is always quiet so we think she is asleep. When we go into check on her before we go to sleep she is almost always sleeping on the floor in the middle of toys or sleeping with barbies.


Carly said...

That is really cute! I guess it's okay if she doesn't come out huh!

The Wright Stuff said...

LOL At least she's not coming out of her room every 5 minutes or yelling to tell you "I HATE MY BED", or "I CAN'T SLEEP!" Not that I know any 4 year old that does this or anything.... Gracie looks like Hailey when she sleeps! Soo cute! It reminds me of how cute and fun and happy Hailey was when she was little... those days are long gone... (hopefully it's just a phase, right?) LOL