Thursday, May 26, 2016

St. Petersburg Little Things

There are a lot of people in St. Petersburg and the sidewalks were crowded. Everyone, and I mean everyone, smokes. Since we were out walking most of our time there I got so sick of the smoke! By the end of the trip it was starting to make me sick and I would hold my breath as we walked down the street as much as I could.

A lot of the sidewalks that we were on were made of cobblestone. Of course, since I'm clutziest person in the world this created a serious hazard for me and I was always tripping. One time we were in a crowd and I tripped and I swear my nose was an inch from smashing onto the ground and Mark caught me and pulled me up. I was so embarrassed but also I loved my studly husband a little bit more in that moment. He is always there to catch me.

St. Petersburg stunk sometimes. You would just walk around a corner and the smell would smack you in the face. Especially if there was an open sewer grate.

One night we were craving a hamburger so we walked quite a ways to get one. It was this cute little burger place with a surf theme and they had a t.v. with some old American surfing documentary. The owner came out and explained the menu to us and then talked with us for about fifteen minutes. He told us how he dreams of opening a restaurant in the U.S. but that in the U.S. he will have so much competition but in Russia he has government red tape and restrictions that he has to fight. His burgers were delicious. They had cucumbers on them which sounds really weird but actually good.
I loved how canals run through the streets in St. Petersburg. It's so beautiful. I know that when it's winter that the canals freeze and that when it's warm there are boats. While we were there giant chunks of ice still floated in them.

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