Tuesday, July 8, 2008


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The weekend before last Rob & Jaynee came to town and we had so much fun with them! We hadn't seen them in a while and had really missed them. The kids had so much fun together. At one point Collin and Logan had a head on collision and bonked heads SO hard! They both ended up with huge goose eggs on their foreheads. Logan made Collin 4 AWESOME paper airplanes and Collin is still playing with them. We all went to the zoo and had a blast even though it was HOT! We deffinitely need to get together again soon.


Carly said...

Fun! That is so great that you got to spend time with family you don't see very often. I bet the kids loved it! Oh and I love your new background!!

OneBrilliantGirl said...

Shannon! I was so excited to read your comment on my blog and equally glad to hear you're back in Bothell. We really need to get together. Your kids are so cute and looking so grown up. Let's stay in touch for sure! I added your blog to mine so I can keep pop in and read your blog often. :)