Thursday, August 14, 2008


Last week we had so much fun with my five year old niece Cassie, my eight year old nephew Josh and my practically ten year old nephew Tommy here visiting for a whole week. We went to the beach a couple of times, to the park, shopping and camping. We stayed up late and slept in different beds and different spots on the floor. We played Rock band and started our own group called The Wright Family Rockers. We had fun visiting when their mom Stephanie came to pick them up and were sad to see them go. This week has been very boring compared to last week. We can't wait to do it again next summer!!! Here are some pictures from our camping trip which was cut short when we woke up to puddles of rain in our tent.

This is Tommy swimming in ICE cold glacier water!

My mom has a "NO RULES" rule while your camping and so the kids go to eat as much junk as they wanted!

Here is Cassie taking care of HER baby :)

The kids loved playing in the river despite how cold it was

Josh REALLY wanted to stay up till midnight!

Quinn FINALLY passed out in Mark's lap around 11:00


Luis said...

aka pasando a visitar

buen blog el tuyo cheeee

weno yo te dejo

pasame a visitar

Heather said...

Hey, Gracie and Zoe have the same swimsuit!

Shannon said...

My kids had the best time!!! Thanks again for taking them! You guys are so crazy. THey will never forget their time with you! We love you guys so much! :)

The Wright Stuff said...

So fun! I wish we could have gone camping with you guys! WHere did you go?