Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yeah, that's my brother


For those of you who know my brother Casey you know how cool he is. We are only 13 months apart and I've always pretty much worshipped him. He is hilarious, never afraid to make fun of himself. He has always had a really strong sense of right and wrong and has NEVER liked bad guys. I think that explains why he was afraid of America's Most Wanted when we were kids. So when he wanted to be a cop I was not surprised. I hate how competitive it is to become a cop because, I'm telling you, Casey was born for it. But bad guys should know that they aren't safe just because Casey isn't a policeman yet. He will get you anyways!

For those of you who don't know, Casey works at AT&T wireless at the mall. They have this big, nice new store right outside of the food court. When Casey came into work yesterday he saw two guys at one of the displays trying to cut through the wire that held the iphones so that they could steal them. Of course Casey confronts them and he somehow ends up wrestling with one of them. The guy wriggles loose and runs. Casey then chased him down and tackled him right outside of Auntie Annes. Then he held the guy until the "real" cops got there. The guy's brilliant friend was waiting outside so the cops got him too. Their car was full of stolen goods. Isn't that an awesome story?

About a year ago Casey was working the kiosk outside American Eagle when he noticed two cops go in and hang out around the entrance. Curious, Casey walked in and pretended to be looking at stuff. There was a guy in the back that had his clothes stuffed with stolen clothes. Pretty soon the cops walked up to try to corner the guy. He darted around the cops and ran strait towards Casey, so he got low and plowed into the guy knocking him down. The cops then ran over and got him.

What a STUD! He should be able to get on at the police department with those two stories alone!


Carly said...

He is awesome, way to go Casey!! And how long have I known you and had NO IDEA that you were only 13 months apart!!!!!!!!

Desiree said...

That's a great story. Hey where did your FHE blog go? I love that site.

Desiree said...

We should do applesauce together. I think I'm doing pears tomorrow!

Shop With Amy said...

I really enjoyed reading this husband became a police officer after being on the waiting list for 5+ years...with the crime rate as high as it is in our area and as short handed they are, you would think they couldn't afford to wait list quallified individuals...i'm not sure where your "Casey" is at, but sounds like he'll make a good one someday!!!! Best of luck:)


Shop With Amy said...

in response to your response:) I found you just browsing using "next blog"...I got hooked in by your pix, they're so cute:) I love to read random blogs, and every once in a while I find one that I can relate to enough to inspire me to comment:) LOL. Feel free to enter to win the cards in my blog post you commented on...just take a look at my friends shop and tell me what you think, and you could win them:) Thanks for checking me out!! Good luck (to your brother), we're in the St. Louis, MO area...((sigh))

Best wishes!!

Myrna said...

Hi Shannon,

Nice blog! I'm glad Kelli and Abbi told me about it!