Sunday, September 7, 2008

Uncle Kyle

Kyle came up from California for a visit this week. We haven't seen him since Christmas and we all missed him so much! Kyle lived with us for a while when Collin was two and has always been espescially close to his uncle. They all had so much fun with him. Kyle brought Collin a huge, life size blow up spider-man which Kyle then gave Collin rides on in our swimming pool. They watched movies and wrestled and we are all really going to miss him. At first Collin didn't understand that Kyle was only visiting and had a really hard time when he finally figured out that he was going home this weekend. Collin actually asked me if he can move into Uncle Kyle's house so hopefully we can either go down there or he can come up here to visit again soon so Collin can get his fix.

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Carly said...

Yah for fun uncles! Cute pictures!!!