Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Collin's Concert

Last week Collin had a concert at school. For weeks leading up to this he had been complaining to me that he was going to have to brake dance and that he didn't know how and he didn't want to do it. I didn't blame him, I wouldn't want to brake dance in front of the whole school either lol. Come to find out it was a little square dance he was supposed to do. It was so cute and he said afterwards that the square dance was his favorite part even though he had to dance with a girl. He was so nervous that when they first came out onto the risers he actually turned his back to everyone and stayed like that for a few minutes. He eventually calmed down and sang his songs and said his line. Doesn't he make a cute little flower?

Here's a picture of the girls before the concert. As usual Quinn has as many "accessories" on as she can fit. The little bangle she is wearing is one Mark brought back from India.

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The Wright Stuff said...

Oh how cute!!! I SO wish we could have been there to see it!!!! Did you get a video of it?