Thursday, May 20, 2010

Night in Dubai

I was jealous that I couldn't go with Mark on his trip so I decided to surprise him with our own "Night in Dubai". I know-I'm a dork! I bought all the things I needed from the dollar store and decorated with paper lanterns and tissue paper. I used some old gold fabric that I had to drape over the chairs and an old tube of puff paint to make the designs on the edges of the placemats. We even used our china for the first time in our whole marriage!

I had arranged to drop the kids off at Rosa's house and be home and have the chicken tikka masala made before Mark got home. I made it to NE8th in Bellevue when the suburban just died. Luckily there was no traffic and I was able to coast to the side of the freeway. I had to ruin the surprise and have Mark come rescue us. I traded cars with Mark and drove the rest of the way to Bothell and home again, in the mean time Mark had the suburban towed to our house.

We got a late start on our date but Mark was able to help me cook and it turned out delicious. After dinner we watched Slumdog Millionare while we ate oreo truffles - yum! It was the next best thing to actually being in Dubai together.

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Nancy said...

What a cute idea, Shannon. Sorry to hear about your car, but it sounds like the night still turned out alright! :)

Dubai is amazing, though! So sad you weren't able to join your husband!